Monday, April 8, 2013

What's in a Name?

Hello my friends;

I was reminded today, from a dear friend BP, that many of you may not know why I signed off my last entry with "Lady Jane".

This is a lovely story, so please grab your beverage (and lunch if you haven't eaten yet), tuck your feet up onto the couch and enjoy this story.

My very dearest (there is dear for those who know me well, but not as long as the VERY dearest) friend, the Baroness, who has stayed close beside me through many of my soulful excursions.  I feel I have grown up in her shadow, and now we are mirroring each other in our creative journey together.  This kind of friendship takes much nurturing, time and effort.  I know for a fact that there were many moments when she was to the point of exasperation with my niave viewpoint of my world, and how I was to live in it.  I wanted to keep the rose-coloured glasses on for as long as possible.

But, I digress.  That is for another delicious chat together.

So, as we woven the fabric of our relationship together, we discovered that we both shared a desire to portray a story that would play in the land of "one day".  She had already uncovered her dream of owning land and being like the Baroness of old English countrywoman, who ran their estates with dignity and grace.  At the time we began our dreaming, I was living in a house called Willow Lane Manor (technically only in my mind, but that was the very best place to imagine something, isn't it?) Besides, I was a lovely manor home that someone built for me and I cherished its very stones) and became Lady Jane of the Manor. Since then I have left my Manor and now I am the Lady of the Lake, but both have the same undercurrent of identity.  My middle name is Jane, and as with all the strong Jane's of old England (there are too many to recite right now), I felt I was destined to identify with those woman who ran and ruled their courts with grace and beauty.

Its only a sweet dream between us, but by identifying ourselves in this manner, we confirm that we know who we are deep down, even when our circumstances won't or haven't allowed the truth of it to be revealed.

Feel free to try it sometime.  If you could call yourself anyone, who would it be?  Then go a bit deeper into the story and ask yourself why?  What values, what truths, what grace, would this identify with you?  Because in there somewhere is a sparkle of who you have always wanted to be, and either have shut that part down to manage in the reality of your life, or have never allowed your innermost spirit to acknowledge it even exists.

Until next time,

Lady Jane

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