Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blessed Sundays

Dear Friends:

I know I am a day late.  I usually write on Saturdays.   I'm trying to be consistent, not just with this blog but in other areas of my life that need some solidity.  Yesterday was such a day that would not allow a quiet moment at the computer, so my Blessed Sunday is right now, here, with you.

I would imagine that we are comfortable, the sun baking the sand on the private beach outside the patio doors. Soft Italian words are drifting up from the neighbours balcony's.  One couple is hoping to move soon, tired of the quiet seaside, looking for more stimulation in their lives.  I would say they're in their 20's.  Another neighbour of mine is a lonely bachelor of 50 who has ound himself divorced and living in a a small apartment by the ocean, not quite sure what to do with his time, his heart, or the realization that he must start over mid-point in his life.

There is a Still Point that comes in one's life where you find no music, no melody, just silent rest.  It might appear that the song is over.  You've hit the end of the bar and have nothing left to offer.  This is not the case.  I had come to such a point.  Its a delightful revelation to find that this is just a rest before the next melody begins.  Its the Still Point where you wait patiently, knowing the music will start again in your life and you may discover a song that is more beautiful than the bars before.  This is good.  Be at peace.  Rest.  Wait.  Don't fret!!  It's not the end, its like the dew that settles on the grass when the temperature drops and air becomes still.  Anticipate the blessing that is coming.  For when it becomes still, there is only peaceful rest that precedes the crescendo rise of refreshing notes, which carries you towards a destined path of abundance, should you choose to accept it.

I was told recently that I have much to say and tend to rush towards it.  This may be true. I desire my words to be a reflection of my heart that serves others in encouragement, truth and edification.  For what better purpose can there be for word but this?  

If you find I am relentless in this, so be it!  I revel in the joy of writing and acknowledge those who understand this restless muse.  There are Saturdays to write about important things.....

Then there are Blessed Sundays, where the soul sits in the Still Point of waiting for the next breathe to exhale.  I pray that breath comes from deep in our bellies and will resonate within us so rich, we will long to share it with others.

Until next time,

Lady Jane

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  1. Deb, this is completely, startlingly beautiful. It is nourishinment. Thank you. xo