Saturday, April 13, 2013

Relationships Around the Table

Morning.  (I was going to put an exclamation mark behind this, but for all those of you who read this at 11:15 under bleary eye, sipping on your first cup of strong java, instead of 7:24 am real time, it means you might not appreciate my sunrise exuberance)

I was awake at 6:11.  Actually earlier because I had awoken, but then HAD to stay ensconced in my delicious bed as long as possible, before it became too painful to imagine all the fun things I was going to do today and just lie there staring at the first hind of dawn outside my curtains! (there, I had to do it)  Thank goodness there was a drop of coffee in the maker to kick-start the word flow.

I took this photo in Canmore, when the Baroness and I went for our first lunch, to kick off my St. Patrick's Day birthday weekend in the Rockies.  I have grown to love Canmore more and more, as I sample its hidden treasures, especially the food.  This homemade Buffalo Burger with Pommes Frites & Aioli at the O Bistro did not disappoint.  I had been to Canmore many times, but lately its become a whole new world opened up to me that keeps calling me back.  For many of you dearest to my heart, you know that Banff has always held my soul in the rocks of the Banff Springs Hotel, but Canmore is slowly wooing me over. (Shoes t'Boot, where you find the most amazing Italian shoes, also entices me along)

I was also caught up in the ecstasy of pasta at Luna Blue, with the Linguine Wild whole wheat pasta dish with white wine cream sauce, and topped off with grilled pork tenderloin.  Oh MY!  (that was for another lunch excursion, I might add.  Who needs to wait for supper to enjoy pasta?  Certainly not me)  Debbie, our server, was delightful, thoughtful, and enjoyed getting to know why we were there, not just what we desired to eat.

These two memories makes me think of how much we enjoy our relationships around the table.  My dearest Sista has been teaching me about the true definition of hospitality.  I tend to be more of a task master when it comes to serving and comfort, whereas my Sista sees the person behind the practical need and wants to come sit with them in their souls.  I guess this blog is partially because of her.  If I miss the true service of the heart & soul, then I have really missed the reason for hospitality, and have slipped back into my natural tendency for organizing and facilitating an event.  As much as this is needed to keep a good function running smoothly, the deepest craving for most of us, is the F&B of the soul; connecting to others who know and understand us.  Finding a soft place to sit and be vulnerable.  

Some day I hope to own such a place.  Not just on this screen, but an address you can all come and visit, put your feet up, have a coffee, tell your story, and rest your soul for a bit.

Until next time.

Lady Jane

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