Saturday, April 20, 2013

Transcendance in the Dining Room

Hello my friends.  Do you have your coffee ready?  I can give you a minute if you need it.

While we wait, I wonder if you all knew I lived with 12 other people?!  Not here in the Italian loft, this is my sanctuary just for us, but back home, where I daily work through the true essence of living.  I would love to tell you all about them, for each family member has given me a mirrored image of the "beautiful ugly" within myself.  Do you know what I mean by that?  Even in those deep scarred places where we want to hide away and not look to closely, there is a beauty that shines through, if we let it.

You're good to go now?  Excellent!  We can't really sit and chat without some kind of delicious aroma wafting into our senses, as far as I'm concerned!  I thought about going down the old cobbled street outside my seaside door to Francesca, my local baker, to pick up the most amazing cheese buns for us to sample, but felt prudence was needed this morning.  I have been sick this past week, and didn't think my constitution could handle the onslaught of yeast!

I have just finished reading through an interesting book called "Yearning for More.  What Our Longings Tell Us About God and Ourselves" by Barry Morrow.  His writing sinks deep into the philosophy of how our disenchantment with our lives is evidence of another reality for which we were created for.  He tries to move the reader from a shallow state of easy existence  to "signals of transcendence" all around us; in our hatred of death, our desire for heaven and even the humdrum of daily living. (Don't you love this kind of stuff?!!  OK, I realize this may be a big much for Saturday morning, but if you lived in my head for even a moment, you would take pity and join me in the abyss!)

In Chapter 5, "Celebrating the Daily Humdrum", he touches on Different Rooms in the Sacred House.  How do we really transcend, even in our homes, with our kids, in the dishes, the socks and cat litter?  As he goes through each room, he comes to the Dining Room, and my "spidey" senses start to tingle!  Here's what he says about our F&B experience, if we would chose to transcend the simple task of eating.

"Perhaps behind the activity of eating is the picture of community and fellowship with one another.  When we set apart the business of eating from the rest of the household functions and approach it as the occasion when men, women and children gather together, is this not a gathering together to enact our common  humanness?  When we think about the most joyful occasions of our lives, were they not frequently focused around dining with close friends and relatives?  Is there not an almost sacred aspect to these gatherings?  Is there any surprise that most of the major religions of the world include eating as a central element in their faith?  Do these gatherings not in fact resemble Holy feasts?"

Hmmmmm.  So if that is not happening in our homes, what are we gathering for?  What is the sacred we come together on and share in our humanness?  Food for thought.

I realize this entry was long and for that I could apologize......but I won't, because the F&B for the Soul can be a deep cavern that only the brave might enter at their own risk.

Until Next Time,

Lady Jane

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