Saturday, April 6, 2013

WELCOME to my Sanctuary


I'm so glad you've joined me, on this first morning, of my excursion into the delectable tastes of the heart and soul.

What is F&B for the Soul, you ask?  Excellent question.

First, get your own cup of coffee, or tea, or beverage of your choice, because part of this blog will be sitting together enjoying our own unique food & beverage while we share ideas, thoughts, musings, that come from the deepest parts of who we are.

Imagine, if you will, we are sitting in an old, weather-worn eclectic loft room, just off the streets of a small Italian villiage in Tuscany.  Its early morning, and the sun has just started to shine through the ceiling-to-floor ancient glass patio doors that face out to the sea, with wisps of light white curtains blowing from the breeze that is squeezing through the door cracks.  We are comfortable, ensconced in my antique couches, putting our feet up on the new french chic coffee table I just bought at the flea market.  The smell of coffee combined with sea air fills our mouths, as we lean back and rest our heads against the soft woven fabric.

For today, we will just sit and drink deeply of the provisions and beauty around us, not needing much conversation.  This is, in fact, our first encounter together, and I want you to feel comfortable.

What is to come is up to us.  Photos, poems, random thoughts, recipes, whatever is edifying to our souls and brings hospitality to our hearts.

The purpose is to imagine each word we speak and thought we share brings sustenance to ourselves, and sends us off to our own worlds with something to offer others in the same way.

It's so good of you go come. I'm looking forward to our new beginnings and tales of old encounters that shape us more and more into divine messengers of unique and creative beings.

Until next time,

Lady Jane

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