Saturday, August 2, 2014

What I learned this far.

Summer isn't over.  There's still another 30 days of August just ahead. Alberta is not usually known for its exalted summer temperatures, but down South, in the desert coulees of Lethbridge, we have experienced a delicious and somewhat surprising heat of 35 degrees this past week!  What a gift to those of us who tremble at the thought of snow, and long to stay living in our shorts and sandals year-round.

So, summer isn't over.  But what have I learned so far? Here are a few of my thoughts:

1.  SPACE:  I am learning that being alone in your own space, surrounded by your memories can go a long way to offset loneliness.  When you are constantly looking at someone else's treasures, and they are not around to complete them, you find yourself feeling more lonely than when you are sitting in the quiet fabric of your own life.  How beautifully refreshing!

2.  DESTINY: I am learning that you can feel an intense desire for your own purpose and divine destiny, yet still wander the earth without a clear direction on how to fulfill it. To my recent amazement, this cycle may take years of a winding road before you really get down into the roots of who you are and the truth of what they should look like.  In the end, though, I get to choose what my destiny is.  There can be many options, and I can be distracted, but once I sit in the Still Point, once I stop striving and become quiet, I can choose the beating of my own heart's desire.  I am not at the whim of destiny, I am the sole creator of it, if I would only listen.

3.  INVITATION: I am learning that an invitation to one's table is the most intimate and loving gesture you can make towards another person whom you intentionally want to know better.  Unfortunately we can all fall short of this practiced treasure, obliviously leaving the relationship open to question its  substance. I have looked in the mirror, since moving into my own space, about such hospitality. I have found, to my surprise, I truly desire to provide an open door to those who are in need of that kind of sanctuary, even if its only a short and sweet interlude.  Its the invitation that strikes a chord in the heart, not the breadth or length of the Pinterest table. 

4.  SADNESS:  I recently read a woman's personal accounting of sadness in her soul.  I won't recount all the details, but the end of the story was her discover of its true value.  "Maybe the sad people are the healers and the prophets. Maybe the sad people have been given a gift to see the world as it really is. And when we see the world, when we see ourselves as we actually are, we understand how desperately we need God to come and bring healing." The happiness is there in the sadness.  What a peaceful revelation to those of us who live in our 'sad' days of mindful awakening.

4.  LIGHT:  I take myself WAY too seriously!  So here's a funny story to end off my post.  You know it might be time to think about getting back into that crazy, upside-down world of dating when you get back into your car after your daughter's 23rd birthday celebration, and the bobbing helium balloon in the passenger seat makes you glance over and say "Well Helloooo there!"  LOL  Then I proceeded to laugh hysterically at myself and the oddity that is a single woman over the age of 45 being alone for the past eight years without even a warm body sitting in the car seat next to me, to provide some much needed verbal feedback!  Next time its a talking helium birthday balloon with dark hair, piercing eyes, and a sense of humour.

On that note, I say adieu.  I hope you find the space, destiny, invitation, sadness and light that is your endless summer.

Until next time,

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