Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Pillow for My Head

Why do I have a photo of a pillow?

Because lately I've been thinking about going 'home' and when I saw this pillow at a cute little store in Pigeon Lake, I felt it represented my feelings about home perfectly.  

Where is home? I'm not sure yet.

Do you ever feel like you're waiting for something that you've never yet known but you believe you'll recognize it when it arrives?  I've often been told this is a fantasy world that I create in my imagination and not to expect it to show up in my reality.

I'm not buying it.

If I can feel or imagine it, it could manifest.  If I can be drawn to Canadian Geese for no earthly reason, over and over as if always for the very first time, then there is an unwritten code deep in my soul that doesn't come from a logical explanation.  If I can feel the ecstasy of the ocean waves just by closing my eyes and know that there is something deep inside me that is intricately a part of the never-ending ebb and flow of its pull, then I can believe in the beauty of something unknown that was meant just for me.  

Like the pillow.  Perfect colours put together to draw my attention and remind me of a place I have yet to create.  A home that will ultimately reflect all that I love, a place to rest my head and build memories with my children and their children.  Where a fantasy world becomes real.  My fantasy of home.

Until next time,


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